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Awareness, Advocacy, Action in Combating Elder Abuse

Judge Mark J. Bartolotta, Special C3A Guest

 September 15, 2016, the Honorable Judge Mark J. Bartolotta was a guest at the C3A Consortium Against Adult Abuse quarterly meeting. C3A Consortium Chair, Adam Fried, Esq., remarked, “We were fortunate to have as a special guest the Honorable Judge Mark J. Bartolotta. We discussed the concept and issues involved in activating and effectuating protective services orders.”

Judge Bartolotta’s remarks elicited so much interest among attendees that a video will be produced to illustrate the protective services order process from start to finish. The C3A Clinical Practice/Social Policy Committee has volunteered to assist with production. Judge Bartolotta is a judge for the Lake County Court of Common Pleas Probate Division in Painesville, Ohio.

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