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Ohio H.B.49 and Adult Protective Services

Ohio H.B. 49 provides an increase of $15.3 million for child and adult protective services. The increase is welcome, but there is still not enough money in the 2017/2018 Ohio Biennial Budget for APS.

All 88 Ohio counties are actively engaged in a major restructuring of the APS program based on recommendations from the last biennial budget. As a result, our counties have experienced an increase in reports of adult abuse and neglect. The scourge of opiates is also impacting the senior population.

Currently, each county receives $30,000 per year in state adult protective services funding. This amount doesn’t even cover the salary of one full-time APS social worker.

The C3A Consortium proposes increasing the current $2.64 million/year appropriation to $65,000 per county, or a total of $5.72 million annually. This would provide each county with at least one full time employee dedicated to adult protective services, and ensure capacity – at the local level – to investigate alleged elder abuse.The remainder of a $10 million/year appropriation could be distributed via formula to the counties in order to help fund other necessary protective services and/or casework functions.

3 thoughts on “Ohio H.B.49 and Adult Protective Services

  • S. Wilkinson says:

    Hello. Please clarify HB 49. Is this HB for increased funding or is it for some procedural change? Is the reporting process or structure related to APS different under HB 49. Do we need to provide providers with training of some sort?

    • c3a says:

      Dear Ms. Wilkinson:
      Thanks for your salient question of 7/02/2018 about H.B.49.
      I am forwarding your question to the person most qualified
      to give to the answer. She is Natasha Pietrocola,
      First Vice Chair, C3A Consortium: Natasha.Pietrocoloa@jfs.ohio.gov

    • c3a says:

      Dear S. Wilkinson: Hope this information clarifies HB 49. With this bill there were additions made to the mandated reporter list and the definition of exploitation was broadened to state “person” rather than “caretaker” as the exploiter. There is no increase in funding other than the initial increase given to each county ($100,000 was added to the APS budget to be divided by 88 counties), $1,136 more per year added to the already $30,000 each county receives to administer APS.Training is NOT provided by the state. They will make available on-line training manuals – 4 in total for various disciplines and a general one (legal and law enforcement, medical professionals, financial industry and for Ohioans). ODJFS (Ohio Department of Job and Family Services) was only responsible for the educational materials – not the training. HB 49 also codified the Elder Abuse Commission with the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

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