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C3A Consortium’s Take on Proposed Amendments to APS Law


House Bill 64, the Ohio Biennial Budget for FY 16-17, appropriated $2,640,000 for Adult Protective Services, and proposed several amendments to APS law. Before the proposed changes – stated as “rules,” by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services – can be incorporated into the Ohio Administrative Code, there must be a public comment period, which officially ended Tuesday, January 19, 2016.


The changes will greatly improve the existing regulations, including expanded and clarified definitions, the addition of confidentiality training provisions, the requirement for a Memorandum of Understanding among stakeholders, mandatory training for caseworkers and supervisors, and the addition of screening protocols.


  • 5101:2-20-05 (E). Concerning to whom APS case Information can be disclosed. Include law enforcement personnel. Dissemination to law enforcement is permitted when law enforcement (police) assists in the investigation or prosecution of a crime related to abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
    Law enforcement is mentioned in 5101:2-20-05 (D), regarding disclosing the identity of the reporter, but it is not mentioned in (E).
  • 5101:2-20-05 (D). Clarify the time frame for training APS caseworkers and supervisors, and define to whom the training requirements apply. To those hired after 09/29/15, or to all APS caseworkers and supervisors?









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