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Ohio House Bill 64

C3A Consortium’s Take on Proposed Amendments to APS Law

BACKGROUND House Bill 64, the Ohio Biennial Budget for FY 16-17, appropriated $2,640,000 for Adult Protective Services, and proposed several amendments to APS law. Before the proposed changes – stated as “rules,” by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services – can be incorporated into the Ohio Administrative Code, there must be a public […]

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Ohio Legislators Fund Adult Protective Services

In a May 2015 letter to the Ohio Senate Finance Committee the C3A Consortium requested an allocation of $20,000,000 for Adult Protective Services in the Ohio Biennial Budget (H.B.64). However, the newly signed state budget allocates only $2,640,000 for APS. While $2,640,000 is less than the Consortium had hoped for, it is still more than Ohio has […]

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