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Ohio H.B.49 and Adult Protective Services

Ohio H.B. 49 provides an increase of $15.3 million for child and adult protective services. Although this increase is welcome, there is still not enough money in the 2017/2018 Ohio Biennial Budget designated for APS. Ohio and its 88 counties are actively engaged in a major restructuring of the APS program based on recommendations from […]

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Ohio Legislators Fund Adult Protective Services

In a May 2015 letter to the Ohio Senate Finance Committee the C3A Consortium requested an allocation of $20,000,000 for Adult Protective Services in the Ohio Biennial Budget (H.B.64). However, the newly signed state budget allocates only $2,640,000 for APS. While $2,640,000 is less than the Consortium had hoped for, it is still more than Ohio has […]

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