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Awareness, Advocacy, Action in Combating Elder Abuse

C3A Consortium Against Adult Abuse

How to Recognize and Report Adult Abuse

All Ohioans have a responsibility to report suspected elder abuse. But, to do so with confidence, one must be able to recognize the possible signs of abuse and know who to call and what to report. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has published a series of guidebooks entitled, Understanding Elder Abuse, with […]


Transforming APS Research into Everyday Practice

The National Adult Protective Services Resource Center and its partners* have developed a series of webinars and publications (R2P) that translate cutting edge research into everyday practice (R2P). R2P’s are designed to help APS workers and administrators with all facets of case management. Topmost in the Research to Practice (R2P) list of publications, is a […]

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